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Could you survive on New Zealand’s current pension? By the time many of us retire, it’s quite possible the pension could be a thing of the past. So it makes sense to start saving for your retirement.

The KiwiSaver scheme is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative to help you save for your retirement.

Andre at Mortgage and Insurance New Zealand can assist you in enrolling into KiwiSaver with a provider that has great service and fund performance so you can start to enjoy the benefits of what KiwiSaver can offer you. From your first home or when you retire.

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How KiwiSaver can help you

KiwiSaver is a voluntary, work-based savings initiative to help you with your long-term saving for retirement.
You can join KiwiSaver at any time before you turn 65 and you can choose which scheme to join even if you are provisionally allocated to an employer-chosen scheme or a default scheme.
Contributions are deducted from your pay at the rate of either 3%, 4% or 8% (you choose the rate) and invested for you in a KiwiSaver scheme, or you can make voluntary payments yourself if you are self employed or not working.
Your KiwiSaver savings will generally by locked in until you are eligible for NZ Super (currently 65) or been a member for at least five years if you joined after the age of 60-years-old.
You may be able to make an early withdrawal of part (or all) of your savings if you are:
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