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Looking for a home loan? Meet Andre, your trusted Hamilton mortgage advisor at Mortgage and Insurance New Zealand.
Whether you’re buying your first home or renegotiating, Andre simplifies the process without the confusing jargon. He offers personalised advice, ensuring you get the best deal tailored to your needs. Don’t be fooled by low rates with hidden fees.
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Getting a home loan is a big deal. At Mortgage and Insurance New Zealand, we understand the importance of finding the right mortgage rate and lender to meet your needs.

As an independent broker, we’re not limited to one bank or provider. We search far and wide to find the perfect mortgage lender for you, tailored to your specific circumstances.

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Keeping your mortgage on track is vital. At Mortgage and Insurance New Zealand, we offer a yearly review to ensure you’re still getting the best home loan rates. Whether you need to re-fix your rates or explore new options, we’re here to help. Our reviews are free, so book your appointment today to stay on the right financial path!